How a home inventory protects your stuff

How a Home Inventory Helps Protect Your Stuff

Posted on August 15,2017

You research the best locksmiths. You ask them to install the strongest locks, an alarm system and video security cameras. And you take common precautions to deter burglars, like keeping doors and windows locked and lights on even when you’re not home in the evenings. Why do you do all this? Because you don’t want […]

Where to hide a spare house key

Where to Hide Your Spare House Key

Posted on July 24,2017

Gas in the car? Check. Everything’s packed? Check. Windows & doors are locked? Check. Where should we put the spare key? …. ahhhmmm…. ?! You’re all ready for a visit to the cottage or the family roadtrip and it’s always the last thing you think of that stops you from getting that early start you […]

Cottage Security

4 More Tips for Safeguarding the Cottage

Posted on July 13,2017

Here’s the bad news: cottages of today are far more inviting to burglars than they used to be. While baby boomers and Gen-Xers will remember the cottages of their childhood being equipped with little more than a portable black and white TV, an am/fm radio and a small speed boat, today’s vacation properties tempt thieves […]

Locked storage

3 Things You Should Lock Away but Probably Don’t

Posted on June 27,2017

Fred Flintstone hid his cash in the finger holes of his bowling ball, at least until Wilma discovered the stash and would regularly dust the bowling ball in search of the loot. If there is any lesson there, it’s that people have probably been hiding valuables in their dwellings since the Stone Age. Still, today, […]

Improving office security

Office Security Tips from the Barrie Police Service – Part 2

Posted on June 15,2017

Most people’s workplaces have way more security than their homes. From video surveillance inside and out, to mag-stripe ID cards for every employee, businesses place a lot of emphasis on security. But, as we mentioned in Office Security Tips from the Barrie Police Service – Part 1, all of that protection can create a false […]

Burglar breaking into a home

Where Burglars Go in Your Home & What They Look For

Posted on May 29,2017

For anyone who hasn’t suffered a break-in, the image of what a burglar does once they get into a home might have more to do with crime movies than reality. The idea that they automatically know where the masterpiece painting hangs (how many people have a masterpiece anyway?!), where the priceless jewellery is stored and […]

Hire a lawn mowing service for security

3 Home Security Tips for Your Summer Holidays

Posted on May 13,2017

It seems to be taking forever, but summer is no doubt just around the corner. And that means summer vacation time! It’s been almost three years since we last offered you any tips for keeping our home secure during your summer vacation. That was our first post on the subject and it has a lot […]

Security safety

Office Security Tips from the Barrie Police Service – Part 1

Posted on April 23,2017

Protected by 24-hour alarm monitoring, keypad access, video surveillance, and a host of other business security systems, many office workers can have a false sense of security about where they work. As the Barrie Police Service points out, it usually takes some sort of criminal act relatively close to home, either in your company itself […]

Backyard security cameras

4 Backyard Safety & Security Tips

Posted on April 10,2017

Even if you haven’t yet put out all your backyard furniture, unwrapped the BBQ and set up the gas fire pit, think about all the stuff that you keep in your backyard during the summer. Now think about how much it would cost to replace all of it should it be stolen. Chances are, you’ll […]

Child using the alarm system

Teach Your Children Well About Home Security

Posted on March 25,2017

Remember the movie ‘Home Alone’? Does anyone not? Mistakenly left by alone at home, an eight-year-old shows remarkable ingenuity in keeping his home and himself safe from two would-be burglars. The results are hilarious. But making sure your children know how to protect themselves in case they’re ever ‘home alone’ is a serious matter. While […]