Security home improvements

2 Home Security Improvements You Need to Make if You Have An Attached Garage

Posted on March 28,2018

When you think of improvements to your home security, it usually involves new security technology and equipment. Admit it, if you don’t already have access on your smartphone to video surveillance cameras around your home, you’ve thought about it. Or maybe it would be cool to lock or unlock your front door for your children […]

Reasons to get a new lock and other tips from Citywide Locksmith

When Should You Change the Locks on Your Doors?

Posted on March 21,2018

You might have paid a lot of money for the; they might have the latest lock technology and they might sport the trendiest designs, but, believe it or not, it still might be time to change the locks on your doors. As the first line of defence in the security of your home, it’s important […]

Locksmith scammer alert and other security tips from Citywide Locksmith

3 Ways to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

Posted on February 28,2018

Although it’s been a while since we last warned you about locksmith scams, the situation hasn’t really improved and in some ways it’s become worse. Locksmith scams have been on the increase in recent years for three main reasons. 1. There is No Licensing Requirement for Locksmiths in Ontario As surprising as it might seem, […]

What to do if someone breaks into your house | Citywide Locksmith

What to Do if Someone Breaks into Your House

Posted on February 14,2018

It’s difficult to imagine the level of emotion, fear and panic that anyone might experience when they realize that an intruder is in the house. But, as horrifying as the realization might be, it is important for you and your family to remain as calm as possible and put into action a plan that you’ve […]

Tips for making your front door more secure by Citywide Locksmith

3 Tips for Making Your Front Door More Secure

Posted on January 30,2018

When we think about the security of our homes and being burglarized, we start thinking of all the sneaky ways a thief could enter the house. Maybe they’ll go in through a basement window, or maybe they’ll climb up a ladder to the second floor, or maybe they’ll slink in through the garage. But you’d […]

Change the door locks when you move in | Tips from Citywide Locksmith

The Most Important Thing You Might Forget to do When You Move

Posted on January 12,2018

If it’s been said by one, it’s been said by everyone who has ever moved to a new home. Moving is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life. What most people don’t realize is that moving is actually two very stressful things in one. First, you have to sell and get out […]

Ways that a locksmith can assist you | Citywide Locksmith

4 Times a Locksmith Can Come to the Rescue

Posted on December 28,2017

After 55 years in the locksmith business, we’ve heard and seen it all. But if there’s one thing that never fails to surprise us is when we hear things like “we were locked out of the house, so we had to break in through the basement window to get in?” All we can say to […]

Security Camera | Citywide Locksmiths

Security Camera Footage Captures More Than Security Issues

Posted on December 14,2017

Home and business owners are increasingly relying on security cameras to help protect their properties. While they are just one of the many layers of security that can be used, they are one of the more visible layers. While you might have high-security locks on your doors, high-tech alarm systems and access to them all […]

Home security lessons from Citywide Locksmith

4 Valuable Home Security Lessons from One Burglary Bust

Posted on November 29,2017

Toronto is the fourth safest city in the world. That’s an amazing feat of which we should all be proud. But, like many other assumptions we make about where we live and how susceptible we are to being the victim of a break-in, we shouldn’t let Toronto’s safety standing give us a false sense of […]

The future behind ai security

AI Home Security is About to Change How You Live

Posted on November 16,2017

Imagine not needing to find your keys before you head out. Or not having to remember your passcode (or at least hoping thieves don’t figure out that it’s “12345”). Or not needing to press your thumb on anything before opening your front door. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been around for decades. From optical character […]