Home security lessons from Citywide Locksmith

4 Valuable Home Security Lessons from One Burglary Bust

Posted on November 29,2017

Toronto is the fourth safest city in the world. That’s an amazing feat of which we should all be proud. But, like many other assumptions we make about where we live and how susceptible we are to being the victim of a break-in, we shouldn’t let Toronto’s safety standing give us a false sense of […]

The future behind ai security

AI Home Security is About to Change How You Live

Posted on November 16,2017

Imagine not needing to find your keys before you head out. Or not having to remember your passcode (or at least hoping thieves don’t figure out that it’s “12345”). Or not needing to press your thumb on anything before opening your front door. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been around for decades. From optical character […]

Tips on how to maintain business security

Business Security Goes Way Beyond Locks and Keys

Posted on October 31,2017

The unfortunate reality for businesses in our online, connected-around-the-clock, mobile-enabled world is that they can have the most sophisticated high-security locks, video surveillance, alarms, pass cards and any other modern security device, and still be robbed without knowing it, even without anyone breeching any of those security systems. Cyber security is increasingly important as businesses […]

Times of the day prone to breaking and entering

When You Are Most Likely to Suffer a Break & Enter

Posted on October 12,2017

Quick question, during what time of day is your home most likely to be burgled? . . Tick . . Tick . . Tick . . Time’s up! If you didn’t answer late mornings or early afternoon on weekdays, you lose. Perhaps in more ways than one. While the vast majority of break & enters […]

Smart home security

5 Ways to make Your Home Smarter

Posted on September 27,2017

Home automation might have started with pre-programmable thermostats that let you set times for your HVAC systems to operate. Or maybe it was before that with the manual devices that used a spring-loaded mechanism to turn table lamps on and off. In any case, home automation has advanced to the point of home ‘intelligence’ with […]

Security camera footage

Security Camera Footage Goes Viral to Foil a Statue Thief

Posted on September 12,2017

We tweeted about the Edmonton statue thief earlier this summer, but the whole story carries lessons for homeowners and burglars alike. Most of us think of burglars skulking around in the darkness of night, or sneaking into backyards when you’re not at home. But if there’s one thing the security video footage proves, it is […]

Recent Burglary Statistics in Toronto

A Look at Burglary Statistics in Toronto

Posted on August 24,2017

Toronto enjoys a great reputation as one of the safest big cities in the world. And it’s not just a ‘reputation’. It’s backed up by fact. In it’s international ‘Safe Index 2015’ The Economist named Toronto as the safest city in North America and the eighth safest in the world. Not bad. But, as anyone […]

How a home inventory protects your stuff

How a Home Inventory Helps Protect Your Stuff

Posted on August 15,2017

You research the best locksmiths. You ask them to install the strongest locks, an alarm system and video security cameras. And you take common precautions to deter burglars, like keeping doors and windows locked and lights on even when you’re not home in the evenings. Why do you do all this? Because you don’t want […]

Where to hide a spare house key

Where to Hide Your Spare House Key

Posted on July 24,2017

Gas in the car? Check. Everything’s packed? Check. Windows & doors are locked? Check. Where should we put the spare key? …. ahhhmmm…. ?! You’re all ready for a visit to the cottage or the family roadtrip and it’s always the last thing you think of that stops you from getting that early start you […]

Cottage Security

4 More Tips for Safeguarding the Cottage

Posted on July 13,2017

Here’s the bad news: cottages of today are far more inviting to burglars than they used to be. While baby boomers and Gen-Xers will remember the cottages of their childhood being equipped with little more than a portable black and white TV, an am/fm radio and a small speed boat, today’s vacation properties tempt thieves […]